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Aldeyjarfoss Waterfall Iceland

Out of the common touristic places there's Aldeyjarfoss, a mighty waterfall between a canyon of weird basalt formations.
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Photography tips

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Travel information

It's important that you take the gravel road 842 and not 843 because then you will be on the wrong side of the waterfall and you will have to travel back about 20 minutes to cross the river over a bridge.
A 4x4 is recommended to visit this spot, but it's probably also possible to get there with a normal car. There is a warning just before you get to the parking place which you can cross anyway because it's relevant for the next parts of the road and the way to the parking place seems to be pretty easy to reach.

During the winter though this waterfall is sometimes hardly reachable, even with a 4x4.
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Just a few people

Sunset during summer

09:52 15:55
65°21'58.1239" N 17°20'18.9348" W

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Spot comments (4)

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Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 13.07.2015
Wow, this is so beautiful! I am on Iceland at the end of summer and I will definitely add that spot to my "wish-to-see"-list. :) By the way: Do you know if it's a good idea to travel around the island if I only have 12 days or if it is better to focus on a certain area? Second "by the way": I love your postwork. It doesn't look like all the other photos I know from Iceland.
Paulo Azevedo
Paulo Azevedo 13.07.2015
Thank you Manuel, I'm glad you liked it. With 12 days and a proper schedule I'd say you'll do a nice trip on the full ring road. But it all depends on if you just want to do a photography trip or also enjoy the country. When I travel I always do a mix of having fun and photography. If your plan is for photography only travelling in a camper would be the best option because it will allow you to stop/rest wherever you want and photograph with the best light, and return several times to the same spot. Weather in Iceland is very unstable, just enjoy the ride and don't let the impossibility of taking the shot you would like, make you sad. We can chat a bit in facebook if you want and I can give you some tips :)
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 17.09.2015
Thank you very much again my friend for sharing this beautiful spot. I've been there 2 weeks ago and I loved this one. It's definitely in my Top3 waterfalls in Iceland, but Haifoss was still a little bit more impressive. Nonetheless one of the more hidden and non-touristic beauties, so thank you very much for letting me know about it. I also added some travel tips because it's important to take the road on the right side. We were a little bit lucky about that to be honest ;-)
Paulo Azevedo
Paulo Azevedo 17.09.2015
You've to share your pictures ;)

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