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Thjofafoss Waterfall Iceland

Þjófafoss (Thjofafoss) is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland for photographers, especially during the sunrise when the sun just comes up behind Burfell, the mountain that's just nearby. It looks like the waterfall is ending in a bigger lake, but this is just a wider part of the river.
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Photography tips

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Travel information

If you are comming from Hella you should take route 26, which is currently ending in a gravel part near that Burfell mountain. Just after the street changes there is a small gravel road to the left where you have to drive about 5 minutes to get to this spot. If you don't have a 4x4 drive carefully because there are a lot of rocks on that "street". There is a gate with a small area in front where you can leave your car.
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08:30 17:37
64°3'27.0592" N 19°52'9.6736" W

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Spot comments (18)

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George Brunson
George Brunson 11.05.2019
Amazing shots Manuel. We are arriving on June 22nd for 10 days. This is one of the locations on my list.
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 11.05.2019
Awesome, I wish you safe travels and a great time in this amazing country!!
Ka Liu
Ka Liu 17.02.2019
Jaw dropping! Thanks so much for sharing!
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 18.02.2019
You are welcome! Have a nice time in Iceland if you are traveling over there.
Stefan Klinger
Stefan Klinger 16.02.2019
this is an awesome photo, my compliments! Must visit this place next time I am in Iceland.
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 16.02.2019
Yeah definitely can recommend this place and it took me so much time to find it because I only saw a photo from this spot once somewhere and then tried to find it by searching for more details and mountains via satellite view that might fit to this... :-D
Mitch 16.09.2016
Another amazing shot Manuel. Great photography tips also! Thanks so much for sharing.
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 16.09.2016
You are welcome! Feel free to add your photo to this spot afterwards if you are going to visit this place. It was the best morning I had in Iceland with all this fog moving around and the atmosphere was simply amazing.
Sebastien Degardin
Sebastien Degardin 30.03.2016
great spot! Will stop by on my next trip end of April! Cheers
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 30.03.2016
I am curious about your photos!!
Sebastien Degardin
Sebastien Degardin 30.03.2016
I will post more spots. mostly south of the Iceland. Will also write a couple of blog posts regarding gear and setup.
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 30.03.2016
I will add some more too from the west and north of Iceland. Would you like to publish those blog posts here on Locationscout? If so feel free to write me! Would love to see them here!
Sebastien Degardin
Sebastien Degardin 30.03.2016
sure, sounds great!
Jota Jota Jota
Jota Jota Jota 09.11.2015
I'm planning my trip to Iceland next year in mid August. Thanks for sharing
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 09.11.2015
You are welcome Jota! Is there any reason for mid August? About 2-3 weeks later you would have a much higher chance for the northern lights, but maybe you are also lucky during August, but I am not sure if this time of the year is still to bright during the night. But you will enjoy this amazing trip under any circumstances, that's for sure! I am currently sharing a lot more of my favorite places in Iceland. Especially my top 2 waterfalls are still missing and I will add them within the next weeks. Hope those spots will help you too to plan your perfect trip!
Jota Jota Jota
Jota Jota Jota 09.11.2015
Gracias Manuel! First of all I find this website amazing! Why August? well mainly because my son is asthmatic and he is not good coping when it is too cold. Apart from that, I'm also visiting family in the Canary Islands, and they are only available during this time. We are a family of three: my wife and 8 year old son. We are so excited about this trip. I'm just starting to update all my photograph equipment (have a Canon 7d and 6d). Want to buy a fish eye lense.. I think I'll also need a ND filter to photograph these amazing waterfalls, etc... Not sure what else... I don't know know too much about photography... that's why I found your website. BTW, I'm also even considering to buy drone! (phantom)... anyway, we are all very happy about this trip. The other limitation I'm also finding with August, is that sunrise starts at 4:30 am... with the family it would be too difficult to do this. Do you think would be possible to get the same effect at sunset? Any other photograph advice would be highly appreciated. Jota
Gregory Lebreton
Gregory Lebreton 21.09.2015
100% agree Manuel, it's one of the best waterfall in Iceland! Pretty hard to drive those roads with a standard car, but this is awesome when you are right here
Dirk Wiemer
Dirk Wiemer 21.09.2015
Fantastic Manuel! Thanks for sharing all this informations.

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