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Jumog Waterfall, Solo, Central Java Indonesia

Short streams leading to a waterfall.

Photography Tips

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Travel Information

It's only 1 hour quick drive from Solo and it's one of the easiest to reach and the most pleasurable location for landscape photography. Arrive at 5 or 6 in the morning before the crowd arrives!
Crowd Factor A decent amount of people
Best Timing Sunrise
Sunrise & Sunset 05:08 - 17:40 | current local time: 08:14
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Spot Comments (5)

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Dino Bramanto
Dino Bramanto 28.05.2018
Great foto,love it.
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 28.04.2018
Holy moly Jimmy, your photos impress me again and again! You always seem to find the perfect exposure times for a great visual flow of the water! Big congratz on these really beautiful photos and thank you so much for sharing them along with the spot details, appreciate it so much!
Jimmy Kohar
Jimmy Kohar 29.04.2018
Thanks Manuel, most of my pictures is shot in brackets and blended with luminosity mask. I still have to work on my color harmony and contrast though :)
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 29.04.2018
I guess we all have room to improve, evolve or change. But that's also the nice part about photography. By the way: Was the water very cold?
Jimmy Kohar
Jimmy Kohar 29.04.2018
Not at all. It's tropical Indonesia, the water is warm.

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Thank you Jimmy Kohar for creating this photo spot.
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