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Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park Indonesia

I believe this exceptional view speaks for itself! Once in your life you should be up there!
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Travel information

You should stay for a few nights in Cemoro Lawang. The village is located on the caldera rim and it is perfect for exploring the area on your own.
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Lots of people


04:58 17:26
7°54'40.7787" S 112°57'6.624" E

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Spot comments (8)

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Michael Keil
Michael Keil 12.03.2017
Went there this February unfortunatly the weather was bad and everything was covered in clouds.
Mirco Gugg
Mirco Gugg 23.03.2017
That's too bad. Then you just have to go back. It's definitely worth it!
Michael Keil
Michael Keil 24.03.2017
i definitely will. By the way your picture is really awesome
Mirco Gugg
Mirco Gugg 31.03.2017
Thank you. I hope I can visit this wonderful place again as soon as possible!
Yang Ch'ng
Yang Ch'ng 11.03.2017
Hi, awesome capture! Was this taken during sunrise? Or sunset? Roughly what time was it?
Mirco Gugg
Mirco Gugg 23.03.2017
Hey, Yang. Thansk a lot. I've taken this shot at 05:10. Sunrise was at 05:39.
Josh Owen
Josh Owen 21.05.2016
Love Mt Bromo, beautiful capture such good light. You had better luck than I did when I was there. Winds were so high that there was just a haze of dust that ruined the photos.
Mirco Gugg
Mirco Gugg 04.06.2017
I love this amazing placo too. Thank you so much, Josh. I hope next time the luck will be with you.

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