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Tumpak Sewu Indonesia

A beautiful broad waterfall in the middle of a forest, which is nice from many different perspectives.

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Travel Information

The spot is easy to reach by car and the observation deck is only 15 minutes away from the parking lot. Descending to the bottom of Tumpak Sewu is a fun and one of the thing you must do while in the area. It takes up to 45 minutes down the cliff through the edges of the cliffs via small streams and waterfalls before you reach to the bottom.

You have an option to hire a guide from the observation deck at around 100-200k rupiah to accompany and even carry your backpack down.

Once you're done at the bottom of Tumpak Sewu, you can either climb back up the cliff from where you decended, or if you're fit and want to have even more, ask your guide to take you up through the scenic "Gua Tetes" route up. This route will take you on another scenic route up from the valley up the cliff where you will pass through 2 other smaller waterfalls, various streams along the rocky cliffs and a nice "goddess pond". The trail will take you around an hour or two at a leisurely pace but its well worth it, if you're in a fit condition! Once you arrive on the alternate exit location,your guide will arrange for a 5 minute motorcycle ride back to the parking lot. It should cost you an additional 50k rupiah for the ride.
Crowd Factor Just a few people
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Sunrise & Sunset 05:35 - 17:16 | current local time: 09:43
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Photo Themes waterfalls
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