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Ponte del Diavolo (Devil's Bridge) Italy

I've never seen a sunset like this. When I saw it I was driving. I immediately left my car on the side of the road and I start shooting. My real intention was to get close to the Devil's Bridge, but I was afraid spending time walking, sky's colours could change so fast or even worst, I could take a fine... so I've stayed near my lovely car. By the end it's been the right choice.

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Travel Information

In this area is easy to move with a car.
Half an hour from Turin. 15 mins from Caselle Airport.
There is a parking lot near the main entrance of the park.
Crowd Factor Just a few people
Best Timing Sunset during fall
Sunrise & Sunset 06:56 - 20:07 | current local time: 12:02
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Spot Comments (4)

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Gunter Szwoch
Gunter Szwoch 13.12.2017
Absolutly great photo, I never seen anything like it! At the right time at the right place. Thanks
Stefano Mitta
Stefano Mitta 13.12.2017
Thanks Gunter. Definitely you're right about it. I've been lucky enough to be with my car. Now I was thinking... How many time you are in someone else's car and you would like to jump off to take a photo? This could be a good reason to be always the driver ;) Thanks again and best regards
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 12.12.2017
Holy moly... these clouds... I've seen them once in Iceland and I thought this was more of a "northern" thing. Thanks for sharing this amazing photo from this place.
Stefano Mitta
Stefano Mitta 12.12.2017
You are welcome and thanks for your comment. During those days there was a fire in the area. I don't know if it might has been influenced a bit!

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Thank you Stefano Mitta for creating this photo spot.
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