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Rijeka Crnojevica River Bend, Skadar Lake Montenegro

The river bend near Rijeka Crnojevica at Skadar Lake National Park is probably the most beautiful place in Montenegro and for me even one of the best ones in the world. Just standing there, enjoying the silence and some passing boats is something I could do the whole day I guess.
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Travel information

I came from the north by car, which is the shortest route to this photo spot, but it's also the most difficult one to drive. It's so narrow, that only one car can pass the street and there are just a few places where you could pass cars coming from the front. If you aren't familiar with driving backwards for quite some time when cars are coming from the front, I would definitely suggest you using the road which is coming from the west. If you are driving this route though, I would recommend you to have somebody else with you who can get outside the car and give you some instructions while driving backwards, because sometimes it wasn't that easy to see a good holding spot, especially after sunset.

You can leave your car just right beside this spot, there is only space for one car though.
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07:05 16:11
42°21'47.9656" N 19°3'38.0322" E

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Spot comments (9)

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Stef Sniekers
Stef Sniekers 22.07.2019
Hi Manuel, I am visiting Lake Skadar in a couple of days. Do you know if it's possible to hike or maby bike to this spot from Virpazar? (the gateway town of Lake Skadar National Park) I am traveling by bus so I don't have a car to reach this spot. Thanks for sharing this incredible shot. Greetings, Stef
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 22.07.2019
Hey dear Stef, now I am jealous. That's such an amazing area around there. I got there by car from above, driving that very narrow road. In general I would say yes, it's possible to get there by bike since there is a road you will be able to drive. I am not sure though how safe this is, since some of the roads are really narrow. As far as I know is the road beyond the spot a little bit wider, but I don't know how much traffic there is. Maybe there is a bus station nearby and you walk the rest...? Whatever you do, please take care and have a great time in this unique region in Montenegro!
Stef Sniekers
Stef Sniekers 25.07.2019
Hi Manuel, I got someone who wants to bring me to the view this evening by car. Thanks for the information. Greetings, Stef
Sabrina Cremer
Sabrina Cremer 23.05.2018
Hi Manuel, thanks for the spot and this amazing picture! :) Could you please kindly share the settings you used (as I am a newbie...) and some information about filter and so on? Thanks & regards, Sabrina
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 23.05.2018
Hey Sabrina, thank you for your feedback. I guess I should write an article about that topic, because this question is often asked and the answer is always the same: ISO100 + f9.0 and the exposure time depends on the light situation. In my case it was 1/40 sec for the scene itself and I guess around 4 minutes for the sky. I used a 10 stop ND filter, to be able to expose the image as long as I could and set the ISO to 50, which is possible for some cameras. Afterwards I composed one image out of these 2 photos and reduced the color grain in the sky, because that happens if you expose this long quite quickly. Until here, the answer will be the same for nearly every image, so what is more important in my opinion is the question about "is it a full frame camera" and "which focal length did you use?". Because these 2 questions are the only "limiting" factor to recreate the image, because you would have to stack the images for a panorama, which is fine of course, but takes a lot of effort. I used a full frame camera with 16mm by the way :-) I will try to explain why these questions are more important in an article soon I guess. Let me know if that helped you and feel free to answer if you want more details! Manuel
Sabrina Cremer
Sabrina Cremer 23.05.2018
Thanks for the detailed explanation, Manuel. :) I have never composed such a picture by layering two pics together. Until now I am only using my POL- & ND-filters, stativ. My Lightroom skills are very poor. :D
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 23.05.2018
You definitely need Photoshop or any comparable tool for this though, Lightroom is usually not enough. But it's definitely worth it to work on the post processing skills, especially if you are using filters. The only filters that might not need post processing are polarizers or graduated ND filters, which I wouldn't recommend for scenes with high mountains because they have the bad side effect, that they darken the top of the mountains as well. For this scene they might work though, because nothing is standing out too much.
Sabrina Cremer
Sabrina Cremer 23.05.2018
So first I will try to make a nice picture with the stuff, I have. Thanks for all your explanations!
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 23.05.2018
To be honest I would do it the other way around or at least that's what I am always doing: I know which exact exposures I need to get the final photo I want because I already know which parts of the images I will combine in post processing. The same is true for focus stacking and all the other techniques and therefore it's important to know which photos you need to take to get a great result in the end. I am never changing the scenes or using a completely different sky, I am only taking multiple shots from the exact same spot to combine them later to achieve the result I imagine while standing there and enjoying the view. :-)

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