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Wildrijk Netherlands

This was a nice surprise. As I've concluded some shots at sunset earlier, the trip back home felt rather satisfactory. My coastal home is right at the top-end of the Netherlands, so there really is one main road that leads to it. To combat the monotony of driving the same road as I always would, forgetting all about the amazing sunset from before, I decided to steer clear of the main road.

On one of these backroads, I noticed that the foliage started to grow thicker as the night drew in. Then this huge, 300 year old beech tree loomed over the road.

To my surprise there were still bluebells about amongst these grand trees. Of course there was an image in here somewhere. But I don't like to photograph the forest, since most of the images I take there look cluttered and distracting.

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here wasn't a parking space, but there were also no other cars to be seen. I figured to park beside the road and head into this small forest I had never heard of before... Some adventure!
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Blue hour/nighttime during spring

08:04 18:49
52°47'26.4" N 4°42'12.498" E

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Ruben Maxtral
Ruben Maxtral 16.10.2018
Excelente efecto. Muy buen conseguido. Buenísima foto.
AurèLphotog 10.04.2018
Wooow ! Very beautiful ! Do you remember the date of the shot ? i'm planning to go to Netherlands in the Begining of may
Florian Schwientek
Florian Schwientek 27.07.2016
Absolutely amazing shot. Thanks a lot for sharing this spot with us!
Daniel Laan
Daniel Laan 02.08.2016
Thanks a lot, Florian. Glad you like it. :)

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Thank you Daniel Laan for creating this photo spot.

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