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Church of Good Shepherd - Lake Tekapo New Zealand

This is a very famous and beautiful place in New Zealand on the edge of Lake Tekapo, and probably the best place in the world to see the sky at night.
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Travel information

Be prepared to be one of hundreds of photographers at night. It is not uncommon to see 50 tripods lined up in front of it in the wee hours of the morning.

This is a mountainous area. The weather can change rapidly, both for the better and the worst. The sky an go from completely cloudy to completely clear in 1/2 an hour. Don’t give up on the night if it looks cloudy.

This is a working church. Given the volume of tourists and the lack of respect shown, they are in the process of erecting a fence around the church.
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A decent amount of people

Blue hour/nighttime

05:48 21:14
44°0'12.6971" S 170°28'54.7542" E

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Spot comments (3)

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fototante.de 03.02.2018
Very nice capture! When did you take this picture?
Anand Nirgude
Anand Nirgude 22.06.2017
OMG..i wish to go here and take similar picture
Fotoworkshop BW
Fotoworkshop BW 26.06.2015
One more reason to visit NZ

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