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Roy's Peak New Zealand

Roy's Peak is one of the highest peaks in the Wanaka area. It's a grueling 2-3 hour hike to the top but the viewpoint provides an amazing view of the Wanaka lake and surrounding mountains.
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Photography tips

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Travel information

Parking is available at the base of the mountain. This is a tough 2-3 hour hike to the top. If you want to achieve the best shots camping at the top will be your best option. Hiking with full gear will make the journey harder but the photo results will make it worth it.

Ensure you dress warmly as even during the summer this location can be very cold and windy.
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A decent amount of people

Sunrise & sunset

07:23 18:08
44°40'44.4335" S 169°3'9.2697" E

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Spot comments (3)

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Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 26.11.2016
This place looks so awesome... I would love to visit this so badly, but I am also very happy for you my dear friend that you've done and seen this!
Josh Owen
Josh Owen 26.11.2016
Oh man the view was amazing! Extremely tough hike but so worth it. You have to come to New Zealand, such a beautiful place.
Jakob Kühne
Jakob Kühne 23.03.2018
I was there in may 2016 (added 2 pictures right now) and yes, you have to visit New Zealand Manuel :). I took my pictures in the late sunset as I remember (I had only one month for north + southisland so nothing to choose). But you wrote, that the sunrise is the best light here, I would say, that the sunset could also be great. Sadly, I just missed the sunset.

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Thank you Josh Owen for creating this photo spot and Jakob Kühne for improving it with additional photos or content.

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