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Canário's Viewpoint Portugal

Amazing place to watch all the lagoons from the Seven Cities craters.
Thank you very much for your suggested change. We will check it as soon as possible and update this spot.

Travel information

Park your car nearby and walk the short path.
Thank you very much for your suggested change. We will check it as soon as possible and update this spot.

A decent amount of people


07:45 17:23
37°50'35.324" N 25°45'48.436" W

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Spot comments (2)

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Reemt Peters-Hein
Reemt Peters-Hein 31.03.2015
really wonderful place. i have to see it by myself some time :)
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 31.03.2015
I just love this spot and your photo of it Paulo! Even if I already told you that, I can't emphasize that enough ;)

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Thank you Paulo Azevedo for creating this photo spot and Martin Nuc for improving it with additional photos or content.

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