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Lake Bled - Wooden Jetty - Rock covered with coins Slovenia

Beautiful place in Slovenia called Lake Bled. One of those beautiful places in the world that will take you breath away.
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Travel information

You can walk to the location around the lake or drive the car as there is parking lot near by (look at the map) There is machine which you can use to purchase parking tickets. Out of summer season parking is free at night till 8 or 9 am. BEWARE !!! During the day there might be people selling parking tickets but their tickets are only valid for 12 hours. same price ticket from the machine is valid for 24 hours.
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A decent amount of people


07:31 16:17
46°21'37.8834" N 14°5'5.1372" E

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Spot comments (2)

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Peter Luxem
Peter Luxem 05.08.2019
Good information in this spot!
David Schartner
David Schartner 12.07.2018
very nice

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Thank you Pawel Tomaszewicz for creating this photo spot and beatrice preve, Alexandre Vidigal for improving it with additional photos or content.

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