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Rosenlauistock and Kingspitz Switzerland

Even from the car park of the rosenlaui gorge, you can take amazing telephoto images of the jagged peaks above the forests.

This is a panoramic image from above the Rosenlaui gorge, near Meiringen, Switzerland. The mists and rain gave a strong atmospheric, almost ethereal quality to this scene, with the jagged spires curling like a hand or claw; held up to protect some diabolical gift, while a crow-like alpine chough flew past.

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Travel information

Great parking opportunities. Be sure to come here during melting season. You're ahead of tourists and makes for a stunning walk into the gorge as well.
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Sunrise during spring

07:12 19:28
46°40'43.3801" N 8°9'20.359" E

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Spot comments (3)

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Ewa Jermakowicz
Ewa Jermakowicz 03.11.2018
Amazing shot! Perfect example of mix of great skills and being at the right place in the right time.
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 28.05.2016
Holy moly... this spot / photo is pretty awesome!
Daniel Laan
Daniel Laan 02.08.2016
Thanks Manuel! Glad it resonates. :)

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Thank you Daniel Laan for creating this photo spot.

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