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Popular themes for photography

Themes are an easy way to search for specific elements you want to photograph. If you love to take pictures of skylines you can filter all spots on Locationscout by this theme and decide for yourself which place offers the best position and perspective for your next skyline photo.

Bluebell (5)

Bluebells are beautiful filigree flowers with a blooming period around the middle of April until the beginning of May. Especially forests with carpets out of these blue flowers are a wonderful…

Monument (127)

Monuments in countless different variations and sizes can be found all over the planet. Those are often a great theme for photography, because especially the old landmarks add a really nice element…

Train Station (87)

Train stations are always a very popular theme for photographers, especially for long time exposures or those classic moody indoor train station shots where people leave their family, waving back…

Castle (225)

The most castles probably can be found in Europe. Most of them are ruins, but that doesn't matter in terms of photography, because they are always a very popular theme for photographers, especially…

Park (139)

Parks mostly offer very different kinds of themes for photographers. Usually they are free to enter and offer a great counterpart to huge cities like Central Park in New York for example.

Bridge (386)

Discover the most beautiful bridges around the world and the best spots to take a photo of them. Famous bridges like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco or Brooklyn Bridge in New York are just…

Beach (417)

Beaches all around the world are one of the most wanted and visited travel destinations. For photographers they usually start to get interesting when there is something special about that beach…

Skyline (301)

Huge metropolises like New York, Toronto or Chicago have beautiful and remarkable skylines, but there are also many other smaller cities to discover that offer great views to the horizont.

Architecture (896)

Architecture is a huge sub topic of photography focused on everything that was built by humans, e.g. skyscrapers, bridges or even very old ruins. The difficult thing about this type of photography…

Forest (212)

Forests are a great theme for photography, especially early in the morning when there is some fog in the background, the dew is still on the leaves and the sun is rising between the trees, which…

Tourist Attraction (108)

What would the world be without touristic attractions for millions of people travelling around the globe. Usually they are the first points to visit and they are often crowded for a reason. To get…

Church (265)

Churches are often one of the oldest buildings within cities with beautiful historic architecture as a great theme for photography. They usually add a very specific atmosphere to photos, which…

Lake (474)

Like rivers lakes can offer a great element to your photos, especially when you want reflections in your image, because they are usually more silent and have a planer surface than rivers or oceans.

River (534)

Rivers nearly always add a great element to your photo, especially when shooting long time exposures in the evening or during the day with a ND filter, which can be used to reduce the amount of…

Port (58)

Ports, boats and water of course are always great themes for photographers. Especially small docks offer sometimes a great mood or a single boat that can be used in the foreground of your photos.

Temple (86)

Temples are holy places, which can be found everywhere around the world in many different architectural styles and sizes. Usually those religious buildings are more than often beautifully designed,…

Waterfall (291)

Waterfalls are one of the most photographed theme for a good reason. Especially those long exposure shots during the day with the help of ND filters are amazing in terms of fineart photography with…

Where are the most amazing places for photography? Locationscout is a network of passionate photographers and travellers around the world, discovering it together.

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