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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque United Arab Emirates

This is the perfect spot for a great photo of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque as the water in front gives you a great reflection.
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Travel information

Free parking is available across the street, spot itself is publicly accessible.
Thank you very much for your suggested change. We will check it as soon as possible and update this spot.

Just a few people

Sunset during spring

06:08 18:25
24°24'47.9951" N 54°28'45.3719" E

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Spot comments (7)

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Lloyd Bayer
Lloyd Bayer 11.11.2018
Hi Anthony. Thanks for sharing. I have shots of the outer facade but have seen recent images of the reflection. Is it on the opposite side of the parking? How do I get to Wahat Al Karama after parking my car at the main entrance?
Thomas Weiß
Thomas Weiß 21.06.2018
This pic is awsome. How did u do this. I tried also to find a place like this, but with no luck. The position you have marked seams to be a building. Is it taken from inside?
Torsten Bahr
Torsten Bahr 21.06.2018
Dear Thomas, the spot is publicly accessible. The only difference to the satellite pictures is that the square at the middle is now water, which wasn't there yet at the time when the satellite imagery has been taken. Just park at the other side of the road (parking marked on the map above) and walk there in less than 5 minutes. Have fun!
Thomas Weiß
Thomas Weiß 21.06.2018
Thank you so much! I will retry it at xmas, when I'm back there.
Anthony 03.11.2018
The spot is at Wahat Al Karama which translates to “oasis of dignity". The circular pool providing a reflection of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is in the centre of the Memorial Plaza. You'll need a tripod and long exposure as a busy motorway runs between Wahat Al Karama and the Grand Mosque.
ger la
ger la 25.02.2018
It is the perfect time to take this photo. It looks great
Pustefix2109 16.02.2018
Nice foreground, beautiful midground -> perfect Image!!! :-)

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