Fisherman's Bastion (Budapest) full workflow in LR & PS

From Start to Finish Fisherman's Bastion (Budapest) full workflow in LR & PS

Tim Philippus 2 episodes 36:35 min
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In this video tutorial, Tim is showing his full workflow in Adobe Lightroom Classic & Photoshop on how to create a stunning artwork out of multiple photos taken at Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest, Hungary.

Besides the standard parts of initially retouching the photo in Lightroom and doing a color correction in LR & PS to perfectly balance the colors, Tim is also covering how to add leaves as an additional beautiful element to your photo by combining multiple photos. As well covered are techniques to remove unwanted elements from the photo, how to direct the eye of the viewer towards the main subject, and how to add a realistic subtle sun flare.

Tim Philippus is a German travel photographer & Instagramer who turns creative ideas into real artworks by knowing in advance which parts he needs to create his envisioned perfect photo from places all around the world. With deep knowledge in post-processing, Tim likes to focus on the result and surprise the viewer with stunning details and perfectly balanced compositions.

This video is part of our "From Start to Finish"-series where photographers share their entire workflow without hiding the interesting parts and details that often matter the most to create a unique and special result.

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