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56th floor of Tour Montparnasse, Paris France

Tour Montparnasse is a skyscraper in the center of Paris with an amazing view over the city. The current price to get up there is about 15€ for adults. When you are at the top of the building you have the option to shoot from the upper observation deck (panoramic terrace) or to take your photos from the 56th floor. In my opinion the second choice is the better one, although you have to shoot through a glas window, because you can see much more from the city itself just infront of Tour Montparnasse.

Please be aware that the Eiffel Tower at night is protected by Copyright Tour Eiffel - Illuminations Pierre Bideau. You may use those photos for yourself, but not in a commercial context. I am not sure which size of the Eiffel Tower is relevant for this copyright, because if it's only seen in your photos as props you may be fine, even at night. Please make sure to check these things for yourself before using night photos from Paris!

Annotation: I removed the Eiffel Tower from this image until I've got an answer from the SETE if I am allowed to use it on this website or not.
Thank you very much for your suggested change. We will check it as soon as possible and update this spot.

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Travel information

There are a lot of Metro stations nearby like "Montparnasse - Bienvenüe" or you can get there by train to "Gare Montparnasse", which is just in front of the building.
Thank you very much for your suggested change. We will check it as soon as possible and update this spot.

A decent amount of people

Sunset during summer

08:33 16:54
48°50'32.2267" N 2°19'19.4284" E

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Spot comments (10)

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Paul Sugano
Paul Sugano 03.09.2019
This is really helpful! Thanks!
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 03.09.2019
You are welcome dear Paul and have a great time in Paris and on Tour Montparnasse! :-)
Peter Iliev
Peter Iliev 29.09.2016
I reccommend you go early before sunset because it gets crowded and there isn't room for everyone. And, of course, bring a tripod.
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 29.09.2016
Hey Peter, thanks for your feedback! Tripods aren't allowed at this place I guess... maybe only a small one? This photo was taken from the floor beyond the roof where you have the chance to photograph more from the foreground. So your tip definitely fits to the roof. The spot is also linked in the nearby photography spots. (I created 2 spots for this view, because it's quite different to photograph)
Peter Iliev
Peter Iliev 29.09.2016
Tripods are allowed.
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 29.09.2016
In the lower floor too? There was only a small window with a heating and a lot of people, pushing their noses on the window... ;-) On the rooftop itself there are tripods allowed, that's for sure.
Winfried Rusch
Winfried Rusch 29.07.2015
Ich würde kein Foto vom beleuchteten Eifelturm einstellen. Weitere Informationen hier: http://www.expat-news.com/10156/recht-steuern-im-ausland/fotos-vom-eiffelturm-bei-nacht-vorsicht-urheberrechts-falle/
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 29.07.2015
Danke dir für den Hinweis Winfried! Weißt du ab wann das gilt? Hatte gestern bevor ich den Spot erstellt habe ewig lang gegoogled und dabei gefunden, dass wenn der Eiffelturm als "Beiwerk" in einem Panorama zu sehen ist, dass es dann keine Rolle spielt. Ich glaube ich sollte die Gesellschaft selbst mal anschreiben und das klären...
Winfried Rusch
Winfried Rusch 29.07.2015
Auf der obigen Internetseite steht: In Frankreich gibt es beispielsweise keine Panaromafreiheit. So kann man zwar ohne weiteres den Eiffelturm bei Tag fotografieren; den nächtlich angestrahlten Eiffelturm hat sich jedoch die französische Firma, die die Licht-Installation entworfen hat, schützen lassen. Dort müssen Reisende aufpassen, welche Fotos sie veröffentlichen. Bei Bildern aus Frankreich sollte man vorsichtig sein.
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 29.07.2015
Wikipedia hingegen schreibt: "Detailaufnahmen oder Panoramaaufnahmen, bei denen der Eiffelturm nur als Beiwerk sichtbar ist, können unabhängig vom Zweck genehmigungsfrei veröffentlicht werden." Ich schreibe die Organisation am besten wirklich einfach mal an um das zu klären, danke dir für den Hinweis Winfried!

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Thank you Manuel Becker for creating this photo spot and Peter Iliev, Niko Kersting, Ralph Kiesewetter, Brad Girard, Jimmy Kohar, Arina Artemenko, Jean-François Hosatte, Stefan Lackner, Volodymyr Antypenko for improving it with additional photos or content.

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