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Explore the best places for photography at Eiffel Tower, France

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The Eiffel Tower is a beautiful landmark near the river Seine in Paris, which offers a great view over the city from the top platforms. It's definitely the most famous tourist attraction of the city.

Please be aware that the Eiffel Tower at night is protected by Copyright Tour Eiffel - Illuminations Pierre Bideau. You may use those photos for yourself, but not in a commercial context. I am not sure which size of the Eiffel Tower is relevant for this copyright, because if it's only seen in your photos as props you may be fine, even at night. Please make sure to check these things for yourself before using night photos from Paris!

Travel tips for Eiffel Tower

The best way to get there is by Metro. You can use Bir-Hakeim station for example with only a few minutes to walk to the tower.

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