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Mont Saint-Michel river France

From this spot you can shoot the Mont Saint-Michel with an iconic river in the foreground.
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Travel information

You can park your car near the "Auberge de la Baie", and then walk 5 to 10 minutes to reach the spot. Carry your headlamp.
Thank you very much for your suggested change. We will check it as soon as possible and update this spot.

Just a few people

Sunset & blue hour/nighttime during spring

08:12 17:28
48°37'8.1801" N 1°29'33.8557" W

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Spot comments (12)

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Laurent Guigue
Laurent Guigue 28.10.2018
Unfortunately, no water today, and the area looks completely dry. It's strange because I was there on October 28, but as the summer and even the last weeks have been exceptionally dry, maybe this could explain what happened (or maybe there is another explanation...). Anyway, thank you for sharing ☺
Julien CHIQUET 02.11.2018
Thanks for your comment Laurent. As far as I know, the level of the "river" strongly depends of the rain on the last days, whatever the rainfalls of the whole season.
Michael Tahot
Michael Tahot 14.09.2018
I really enjoy the picture, 1st time I see from this location
Julien CHIQUET 14.09.2018
Thanks Michael !
Cassie Tillas
Cassie Tillas 02.08.2018
Hi Julien! Gorgeous photos! Will this spot be affected by the high tide? I will be there on October 9th during the super tide at 20:20 and am wondering if I can catch the sunset (19:30) from this spot, or will it be under water? Thank for any advice or knowledge on the topic. :) Cassie
Julien CHIQUET 02.08.2018
Hi Cassie, I never went there during such high tides. I don't think it will be under water, especially one hour before high tide, but I am not 100% sure. May be someone who has been there can complete the spot description ? By the way, this spot is really nice. Enjoy it !
Cassie Tillas
Cassie Tillas 03.08.2018
Ok, thanks Julien - I will give it a shot! :)
Hannes Koenig
Hannes Koenig 28.05.2018
Great photo - I will go there - sometimes ;) and thx for sharing !! BR Hannes
Julien CHIQUET 28.05.2018
Hi Hannes, Thank you for your nice comment. Please share your pictures if you go there !
Alexander Corsten
Alexander Corsten 04.05.2018
I love this photo. I am going to visit here next week and was going to shoot some photos. Is this shot with a telephoto to get the compression?
Julien CHIQUET 04.05.2018
Hi Alexander. Thank you for your nice comment. Il shot this landscape with my 17-55 at 35mm on Apsc. I made my other shots around 17mm.
Alexander Corsten
Alexander Corsten 04.05.2018
Thank you for this information.

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Thank you Julien CHIQUET for creating this photo spot and Marc Pihet for improving it with additional photos or content.

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