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Eltz Castle, Wierschem Germany

Eltz Castle is one of the most famous castles in Germany for a good reason. The beautiful architecture lies within a valley, surrounded by woods and a river you can walk down to. The mood during foggy mornings is just unbelievable good, so this is something you really shouldn't miss, especially during autumn when the trees are colorful and there is a higher chance for fog.
Also try to capture the milky way in the summer. It´s definitely worth a try.
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Travel information

You can easily get there by car. There is a parking space for Eltz Castle which costs a few Euros. The walk to the castle takes about 10 minutes, but you can also use a special bus to get there for some bucks. The footpath is more beautiful and easier to walk, but also a lot longer than the street the bus uses and that you can also walk down there.

Special tip: If you are very early for your sunrise photo there is no parking fee.
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A decent amount of people

Sunrise during fall

08:14 16:28
50°12'21.7759" N 7°20'11.7827" E

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Spot comments (4)

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Reiner Boehme
Reiner Boehme 05.09.2018
The composition is super with that foreground and the milky way
Phillip West
Phillip West 20.03.2015
Beautiful castle indeed! I was there 14 years ago on an exchange trip, but remember it well :)
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 20.03.2015
Oh, that's cool! I also like it so much and it isn't that far away from me. But to be honest castles are beautiful, but we have so many of them that most of us don't appreciate them as we should. Never was aware about the fact, that there are no really old castles in North America until I spoke with some guys from Chicago... If you are ever back in Germany let me know and I will show you some other beautiful castles! :-)
Phillip West
Phillip West 20.03.2015
Yeah, over here we only have military forts, nothing like the castles in Europe. I've seen quite a few castles in Germany, all in the southern half of the country though. I need to visit the northern half!

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