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This is probably one of the most popular spots for photographers in Cologne, where Cologne Cathedral and Hohenzollern Bridge are lightened up and reflected in the Rhine. For that reason the best time to shoot this spot is during sunset or blue hour or even afterwards.

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Travel information

There is a parking place nearby, which should offer some free places in the evening. Otherwise you could try the parking garage of Triangle Tower, which is also just 2 minutes by foot away.

A decent amount of people

Sunset & blue hour/nighttime

07:32 17:58
50°56'26.4568" N 6°58'6.6859" E

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Comments (8)

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Dirk Annuss
Dirk Annuss 13.08.2016
A friend of mine calls this kind of places 'photographed to death'. But in my mind it's one of these locations where a photographer must have been. After sunset it's just a beauty.
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 13.08.2016
I wouldn't think too much of that. I've been there together with Josh Owen this week and we had such a great time, just sitting there and enjoying a drink while we waited for sunset. It's just a really great place to be, so the results of my photography don't matter as much to me as the experience I had while shooting this iconic spot. Thanks for your opinion dear Dirk, hope you still visit places like this one, even if your friend doesn't look at them in our way.
Dirk Annuss
Dirk Annuss 13.08.2016
As I said, there are locations that a landscape photographer have to visit. I try to get to as many as possible. I two weeks I will start a trip to the Tuscany and Cinque Terre. Not exactly places where nobody shot a photo before. ;) I read about your meeting with Josh Owen on the 'Photographing the world' Facebook page. That's how I found this fantastic website.
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 14.08.2016
Sounds great. I am sure you will have a great time over there. Especially Cinque Terre was a great place during the time you are there. I am curious about your results and thank you very much for your kind words! I am glad that you like this platform!
Kai Mechel
Kai Mechel 04.10.2015
While visiting the Amphi Festival I visited this spot. Without my tripod. But as described, you can use the wall there as a simple tripod replacement. I would have rated this spot 5 stars, but the description of 5 stars is "one of the best spots there" and I did not see enough of cologne to make a statement like this :) But everybody should visit this place on a Cologne visit! It's great at night...
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 05.10.2015
I agree 100% with you Kai! Have you been up to the Triangle Tower? Because that view offers much more in my opinion, especially if there is a beautiful sunset. I would also rate this one with 4 stars, because the view from Triangle Tower is even better. Thank you very much for your feedback and your opinion!
Kai Mechel
Kai Mechel 06.10.2015
If it is the tower 'behind' this spot, yes. We took the elevators to the roof. The view from up there was great. But the glass around the viewing platform up there was a little scratched and dirty :) But on top of the tower is a nice spot for 'miniature' pictures. These fake tilt/shift photos. We were also eating near there. In a restaurant called "Mongo's". Kind of exotic food / live cooking. Thank you also for the nice response and for sharing this spot with others.
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 07.10.2015
Yeah this is tower I was talking about. It's definitely a little bit more difficult to photograph up there, especially if you want to get rid of those reflections of the glas, but I added a tip about that in the spot itself, because it's perfect for sunset/blue hour. Shooting those fake tilt-shift photos up there is also a great idea! I've been to Mongo's too and really liked it. But you usually have to book a table. Maybe we should add a section here on Locationscout where you can eat before or after you shot the sunset... ;-)

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