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Námafjall Hverir Iceland

Have you ever dream to be on a lunar-like landscape ? Welcome to Hverir ;)
It's a geothermal area at the base of Námafjall, with some blue and grey boiling mudpools and steaming fumaroles on a plain in the ochre colors surrounded by a dead mountain without vegetation ( the high temperature in the ground have to be for something there ^^). Great playground for photographers and every nature lovers
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Travel information

Along the circular road n°1, near Mývatn in the North East of Iceland.
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A decent amount of people


11:18 14:43
65°38'30.2225" N 16°48'40.8836" W

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Spot comments (2)

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Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 23.09.2015
Ah, this was this place about... we drove by about 4 times when we went to Myvatn and back to some other waterfalls. You should mention that this spot smells like hell :D And I thought that this place is again something like a Geysir, so we didn't stop here. Looks pretty cool though!
Gregory Lebreton
Gregory Lebreton 23.09.2015
For me it's different from geysir/Strokkur, this place have a lot more of activities i think, the fumaroles are very noisy, The smoke goes out with a lot of power, it's very impressive. Also the mudpools are everywhere with great shapes and colors, but no geysir there that's true. And it's smell like hell indeed :D

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