Here are 257 photo spots in South Iceland for you.

The southern part of Iceland probably has the highest density of sights like waterfalls, black beaches or the famous glacier lagoon Jökulsárlón.

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Tips for your trip to South Iceland

About the location

When you visit Iceland for the first time and you plan to stay less than 8 days, the southern region of the island is the perfect place to start exploring this amazing country. Most of the popular waterfalls like Seljalandsfoss or Skogafoss are directly located at Route 1, which is the Ring Road around the island. You won't need a 4x4 car here, although I would suggest you one if you want places that are located a little bit more towards the center like the beautiful hills of Landmannalaugar or stunning waterfalls like Haifoss.

Another very popular region in the south is the Golden Circle, which is combining 3 sights as "the Golden Circle Tour". This is probably the most touristic part, but still worth a visit during the right times, since it's not that far away from Reykjavik and still a must-see.


Beginning your trip at Reykjavik, the south and most of the sights are pretty easy to reach by car or bus. If you want to visit everything from the capital city until the glacier lagoon, I would definitely recommend you to get accommodation on your way, since it's too exhausting to drive all the way back and to spend a lot of your time during the day while traveling. This is especially true during the winter, when the days are pretty short and you need to start your trip when it's still dark. Otherwise you won't be at the places you want to see during daytime.

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