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Santa Maddalena, Val di Funes Italy

Stunning view over Santa Maddalena church and the Dolomites.
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Travel information

Car can be parked nearby in the village or on the side of the road and then walk to this location to choose the best spot. This location was uphill and might be a good idea to try out several locations.
Thank you very much for your suggested change. We will check it as soon as possible and update this spot.

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46°38'50.6542" N 11°42'52.1432" E

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Spot comments (4)

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Jay Moroso
Jay Moroso 27.05.2018
Awesome photo. I will be there toward the end of July. I am curious as to how you got the light in the center right of the shot and the mountains. Post processing or was there a moon out?
Kristiina Aksberg
Kristiina Aksberg 28.05.2018
Thanks! I spent a good amount of time in the location and was there already before sunset which was when the light was at that spot. There was also a good amount of post processing done. I stacked three images to get this result. Enjoy your trip!
Alona Azaria
Alona Azaria 16.05.2018
This shot is so outstanding and so different than any "similar" shot I have seen so far because you filled each plane of the photo with beauty: the stars in the blue sky, the majestic Dolomites in the middle and quaint Santa Maddalena underneath it all. For this, one does not have to have coordinates but talent!
Kristiina Aksberg
Kristiina Aksberg 28.05.2018
Thank you for your kind words. :)

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Thank you Kristiina Aksberg for creating this photo spot.

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