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Basilica di San Pietro, Via della Conciliazione Italy

If you approach theVatican City towards the Basilica di San Pietro by the Via della Conciliazione you get this view.
Just after rain you'll find some water on the street - i like to use it for reflections.
Thank you very much for your suggested change. We will check it as soon as possible and update this spot.
Thank you very much for your suggested change. We will check it as soon as possible and update this spot.

Lots of people

Blue hour/nighttime

07:01 16:48
41°54'8.4368" N 12°27'42.7277" E

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Spot comments (4)

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Francesco Scacchetti
Francesco Scacchetti 13.07.2018
Not easy to take such a nice pic in such popular spot
Ferdinand LuDo
Ferdinand LuDo 25.04.2018
Very nice! what lens was used in this photo sir ? ill be there soon.
Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar 26.06.2017
Deleted user
Deleted user 02.06.2017
Very good job !

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