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Chiesetta di San Giovanni in Ranui Italy

Chiesette di San Giovanni in Ranui is an iconic place for photographers in South Tyrol, Italy. The church is well known for the view with the trees and the mountains in the background.
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Travel information

The church is near St. Maddalena and you will usually get there by using the A22. You can get good shots from the road.
There is some parking available at Via Geisler.
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Just a few people


07:50 16:25
46°38'9.2151" N 11°43'25.8012" E

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Spot comments (2)

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Daniel Sun
Daniel Sun 08.09.2019
Update: We now have that ... the whole areal is surrounded by a wooden tooth. If you want to go to the church you have to pay 4 Euro and pass a turnstile. Signs have been set up everywhere that no drones are allowed and the meadows are not entered. Oh yes, behind the yard is also a paid parking, minimum parking fee 2 euros.
Adelheid Smitt
Adelheid Smitt 23.10.2017
The photos of this little church are not taken from the spot on the map above. They are taken from right next to the hotel Ranuihof.

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Thank you Luigi Alesi for creating this photo spot and Adelheid Smitt, Peter Luxem, Omer Salom, Andreas Peters, Peter Heistein, Daniel Sun for improving it with additional photos or content.

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