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Explore the best places for photography at Vasco da Gama Bridge, Portugal

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The Vasco da Gama Bridge near Lisbon is one of the longest bridges in the world and the second longest bridge in Europe with over 17km. Only the newly built Crimean Bridge (Ukraine) is longer with 18.1km.

The bridge over the Tagus River near Lisbon (Portugal) was built from 1995 to 1998 and has a pretty modern look. If you are interested in architecture this seems to be a pretty good location for photography in Portugal.

Travel tips for Vasco da Gama Bridge

If you are passing that bridge by car headed to Lisbon you have to pay a little toll (around 3 €).

Vasco da Gama Bridge is located in Portugal, a country with 745 photo spots that you might want to have a look at as well to find even more beautiful places for your next trip.

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