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Reitdiephaven Netherlands

This is Reitdiephaven, a district at the City Groningen, Netherland. Around this Point are normal buildings, a Shopping mall and the remaining parts of Groningen, which are nice too. But this is my favorite location here. The colorful houses connected to the water is a great vacation spot.
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Travel information

You can park for free directly at the mall. Nothing special here. Just park and take your photo!

You can also get to Groningen by train and then take the bus in case you don't have a car. Staying a bit longer and walking through the beautiful old town of Groningen and the lovely Grachten is a good idea!
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Just a few people


08:34 16:16
53°14'9.4563" N 6°31'23.7877" E

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Spot comments (4)

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Alona Azaria
Alona Azaria 12.03.2018
Beautiful exposure!
Gregory Lebreton
Gregory Lebreton 08.11.2015
great spot, thx for sharing, added to my bucket list of my next travel there :)
Andreas Kleucker
Andreas Kleucker 25.05.2015
nice shot
Reemt Peters-Hein
Reemt Peters-Hein 25.05.2015
Thanks Andreas :)

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