Kasteel Biljoen - Velp, Netherlands
Rudolfo Dalamicio
Rudolfo Dalamicio www.rudolfodalamicio.com
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Netherlands Kasteel Biljoen - Velp

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Biljoen Castle, located in Velp, Netherlands, is a remarkable sight to behold. As you approach the castle, your attention is immediately captured by the imposing gate. It stands tall and firm, a timeless symbol of strength and security. Made of stone, its aged surface lends it a historical grandeur, a whisper of its storied past. Intricately carved details trace its fa├žade, and an archway in the middle beckons visitors to pass through.

Beyond the gate, the path unfolds towards the castle itself, promising a journey into history. It's easy to imagine the countless footsteps that have crossed the same path, beneath the gate, and into the heart of the castle.

Each element of Biljoen Castle's gate serves to enhance its majesty and mystery, inviting onlookers to delve deeper into the rich tapestry of its history. Every time you gaze upon it, you're reminded of the generations that have come before, their lives intertwined with the castle's enduring presence. It's not just a gate; it's a gateway to the past.

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Travel Information

easy access by car from any side, but the estate it self is closed for public
Spot Type Outdoor
Crowd Factor Nearly no other people
Best Timing Sunrise during summer
Sunrise & Sunset 05:30 - 21:53 | current local time: 00:03
Photo Themes Biljoen Castle Country Estate estate

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