Here are 27 photo spots in Arnhem for you.

Arnhem is a vibrant city located in the eastern part of the Netherlands, in the province of Gelderland. It is known for its rich history, beautiful parks, and cultural attractions. One of the city's most famous landmarks is the John Frost Bridge, which played a significant role in World War II during the Battle of Arnhem.

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Tips for your trip to Arnhem

About the location

Arnhem is also home to the open-air museum called the Netherlands Open Air Museum, where visitors can experience Dutch history and culture firsthand. The city boasts a lively shopping scene, charming cafés, and restaurants offering diverse cuisines. Additionally, Arnhem hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, making it a dynamic destination for travelers.

Best timing

Bridge to Liberation Experience: This event takes place annually in September and commemorates the Battle of Arnhem during World War II. It includes concerts, exhibitions, and a symbolic bridge crossing, providing powerful visual moments.

World Living Statues Festival: Held in nearby city Arnhem, this unique festival features street performers posing as living statues. It's a fantastic opportunity to capture artistic and creative expressions.

Arnhem Fashion Night: This event celebrates fashion and design, featuring runway shows, exhibitions, and creative showcases. It's a chance to capture the latest trends and innovative designs.

Sonsbeek Theater Avenue: This performing arts festival transforms Sonsbeek Park into a vibrant theater and arts venue, with performances, installations, and interactive experiences perfect for capturing dynamic and artistic moments.


To reach Arnhem, you can use various transportation options such as trains, cars, buses, and flights from nearby airports like Amsterdam Schiphol or Düsseldorf. The city is well-connected with a train station and major highways, providing convenience for travelers.

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