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Utrecht is a historic and vibrant city in the heart of the Netherlands. Founded in Roman times, it features notable medieval architecture, including the iconic Dom Tower. As a cultural and educational hub, it hosts Utrecht University and numerous festivals.

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About the location

The city is known for its picturesque canal system and innovative urban planning focused on sustainability. Key attractions include various museums, parks, and a thriving economic center. Utrecht is also a major transportation hub with the busiest train station in the country. The city seamlessly blends historical charm with modern amenities.

Best timing

Utrecht Early Music Festival: Historic music performances in August-September.

Netherlands Film Festival: Premier Dutch cinema event in September-October.

Le Guess Who? Festival: Eclectic global music celebration in November.

King's Day: National birthday celebration with street parties on April 27.

Tour de France Grand D├ępart: Cycling race opening stages (occasional).


Getting to Utrecht is easy with its central location and diverse transport options. Arrive via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and hop on a direct train to Utrecht Centraal Station. Highways A2 and A12 provide access for drivers, but parking downtown is limited. Within the city, U-OV buses and trams offer convenient travel, complemented by bike-friendly infrastructure and canal boat tours.

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