Here are 23 photo spots in Enschede for you.

Enschede is a city located in the eastern part of the Netherlands, in the province of Overijssel. It is known for its vibrant cultural scene, with attractions like the Rijksmuseum Twenthe and the Museum TwentseWelle, as well as its lively shopping areas and green spaces such as Volkspark. The city also hosts the University of Twente, contributing to its dynamic and diverse atmosphere.

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Tips for your trip to Enschede

Best timing

Grolsch Summer Sounds: A music festival held in the city center during the summer months, featuring live performances and entertainment.

Enschede Marathon: An annual running event attracting participants and spectators from around the region, offering opportunities to capture the energy and excitement of the race.

Twente Ballooning: A hot air balloon festival showcasing colorful balloons against the scenic backdrop of Enschede and the surrounding countryside.


To reach Enschede, you can use various transportation modes such as trains, cars, buses, or bicycles, with convenient access via highways, train stations, and nearby airports like Amsterdam Airport Schiphol or Düsseldorf Airport.

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