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Portugal Fog Forest Fanal (Madeira / Portugal)

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Fanal is a place of rare beauty in the plateau of Paul da Serra. I suggest to go there in the afternoon, when the fog comes and it looks mystic.

Photography Tips

A wide-angle to get close and intimate with the trees, certainly in the fog.

Fog is more probable when the north coast is cloudy. Then the fog appearance in Fanal is almost certain. This kind of heavy fog remains the whole day.
On partly cloudy days it's more probable to have fog in the morning rather than later during the day. If some clouds around Fanal are present, the fog will probably appear at some point- even if it takes an hour (I waited 75mins and it came after all)

If very cloudy, with heavy fog you better come with a rain jacket and protect your equipment because the droplets stick on everything and the condensation is everywhere. Also, bring some wipes for the lens!

It also does not get any warmer during heavy fog so better not to wear shorts ;)

Travel Information

You can park your car at the ER209.
Be aware when hiking or shooting there in the fog, you can get lost easily, try to have some 'breadcrumbs' tree to return back.
Crowd Factor Just a few people
Best Timing All timings are equally good
Sunrise & Sunset 07:53 - 18:03 | current local time: 14:49
Locations Madeira Fanal
Photo Themes fog Forest tree wood
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Spot Comments (7)

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Fabian Ruf
Fabian Ruf 21.05.2021
I registered for the photography tips, but those are a joke...
Tomas Frolec
Tomas Frolec 20.06.2021 , edited
I did not write those unfortunatelly. I added photos to existing spot. Maybe I could edit some... ok now, or you got some more questions?
Manuel Becker Team
Manuel Becker 20.06.2021
And I just accepted the changes, thank you Tomas for updating them, really appreciate it!
Tomas Frolec
Tomas Frolec 20.06.2021
glad to help!
Mustafa Özkara
Mustafa Özkara 15.12.2019
Unfortunately this tree is broken and you can't shot this picture anymore :(
Tomas Frolec
Tomas Frolec 20.06.2021
which one you mean? This is taken last week...
Mustafa Özkara
Mustafa Özkara 22.08.
The particular photo from "Katjusa Karlovini", this tree is gone years ago.

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