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Tide Stones (Praia de Castelejo / Algarve) Portugal

Castelejo beach is located on the quieter, more exposed Atlantic coast of the Algarve. Being part of the Vicentine Coast natural park it feels a million miles away from the beaches of the south coast.

The beach is dominated by the huge black schist cliffs that rise out of the golden sand. On some days this can feel like a very remote location, in the summer though it is quite a popular spot.
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A parking is very close.
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07:17 17:24
37°6'15.6" N 8°56'31.728" W

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Spot comments (5)

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kathrinsworld 01.06.2018
Traumhafte Farbe und Spiegelungen! Zum an-die-Wand-hängen!
Dirk Wiemer
Dirk Wiemer 02.06.2018
Vielen lieben Dank Kathrin! :) Hat mich sehr gefreut Dein Feedback. LG Dirk
Graham Payne
Graham Payne 27.05.2018
Great photo. Did you use HDR.
Alona Azaria
Alona Azaria 14.05.2018
What a delightful exposure! love it!
Dirk Wiemer
Dirk Wiemer 16.05.2018
Thank you so much Alona!

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