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Peričnik Slovenia

It's a waterfall where you can get behind the water, as the rock is carved out by the water.

Peričnik Falls is one of the best-known waterfalls in Slovenia. It flows from a hanging valley in Triglav National Park into the glacial Vrata Valley, where the water of Peričnik Creek then flows into Bistrica Creek. There are actually two waterfalls: Upper Peričnik Falls (Zgornji Peričnik, 16 meters high) and Lower Peričnik Falls (Spodnji Peričnik, 52 meters high). The larger, lower waterfall is usually simply known as Peričnik Falls. A view of both falls is possible by crossing Bistrica Creek and ascending the scree slope a few dozen meters.

The name Peričnik is ultimately derived from the verb prati, which originally meant 'to strike, beat'. It also refers to water falling over a steep cliff, and in standard Slovene has also developed into the sense 'to wash clothing' (via the sense 'to beat laundry')

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Travel Information

A car is essential. Parking available (small fee)
Crowd Factor Just a few people
Best Timing Fall
Sunrise & Sunset 07:30 - 18:07 | current local time: 09:16
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Locations MojstranaSlovenia
Photo Themes Waterfall
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