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Millennium Bridge, London United Kingdom

Millennium Bridge with St. Pauls Cathedral in the background is one of the most beautiful bridges in London, UK.
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Travel information

There's no place to park the car without pay so I recommend to use the public transports, the underground has a station near from there.
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07:21 16:09
51°30'29.3189" N 0°5'55.0928" W

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Spot comments (5)

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Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 08.04.2015
Thanks for your share Emanuel. Have been at this spot last week and loved it, although it's not that easy to get good results without people standing in front of your cam... ;-) It's nearly impossible to get a good shot during the day or even during blue hour in the evening.
Ralph Kiesewetter
Ralph Kiesewetter 10.07.2017
That's right. Only solution: Get up really early and use the blue hour before dawn. ;-)
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 11.07.2017
Yeah that's true. I used a longer exposure to "remove" the people within my image, which worked pretty well.
Ralph Kiesewetter
Ralph Kiesewetter 11.07.2017
Yes, and it added a nice lighttrail from a bike or so. Great shot. I like the blue lights of the bridge. They were white when I was there.
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 11.07.2017
That's from a bike :) First I thought I should remove them, but I kinda like them, so it's fine for me now. The white colors are fine too imho. I really like your sunrise shot and the mood!

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Thank you Emanuel Pereira for creating this photo spot and Manuel Becker, Fotografie-Kurs.Koeln, Ralph Kiesewetter, Jonathan Payne, Christian Hellmich for improving it with additional photos or content.

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