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Canary Wharf Underground, London United Kingdom

One of the most modern looking Underground stations in London with a pretty futuristic and clean look. This is the western main entrance of the station where most of the people are entering the subway station.

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Travel Information

You can get there by the London Underground for obvious reasons, but you have to leave the Underground to get to this spot, so you will have to pay again to reenter it. If you aren't there by tube, you can enter this part of the subway station for free by using the western main entrance.
Crowd Factor A decent amount of people
Best Timing Blue hour/nighttime
Sunrise & Sunset 07:40 - 17:47 | current local time: 16:29
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Spot Comments (4)

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Adelheid Smitt
Adelheid Smitt 07.04.2018
I really like the bluish highlights in your photo, Manuel.
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 08.04.2018
Oh, thank you very much dear Adelheid. Such a "cool" place, so I definitely prefered the blueish and more technical look. Just saw that you did add an image from this spot. The gray look is also great and fits perfectly for this place.
will goodwin
will goodwin 16.04.2015
Very nice shot, different from the usual straight on view
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 17.04.2015
Thanks mate! Used the straight view afterwards on the other entrance of the station... :)

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