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Carrbridge bridge United Kingdom

It's the oldest stone bridge in the Highlands. Kind of look alike to the Rakotzbrücke in Germany.
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Travel information

You can park your car close-by. Easy to get to the Spot.
Thank you very much for your suggested change. We will check it as soon as possible and update this spot.

Just a few people


06:57 19:19
57°17'1.6832" N 3°48'55.4378" W

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Spot comments (3)

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Ralph Kiesewetter
Ralph Kiesewetter 09.07.2017
Wow, thank you! Great shot. Lucky me, who is going to pass this place in October anyway. Will definitely stop by to take a picture. Would've missed it perhaps without your hint here.
fototante.de 09.07.2017
My pleasure! Enjoy your time there and always good light - and weather conditions... ;-)
Tracey Bruce
Tracey Bruce 19.07.2017
I've seen it when people used to jump from here into the water. Not sure if that still happens. Beautiful place, I forgot about this until I saw your photo. Thank you for sharing :)

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