Here are 697 photo spots at Scotland for you.

There is something about Scotland, which is just so irresistible whether it comes to amazing wildlife, remoteness, beautiful culture or beautiful cities like Edinburgh. It covers the northern third of Great Britain and is therefore a part of the United Kingdom.

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Tips for your trip to Scotland

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This country is enriched with everything. But it’s not just the culture or the landscape, I mean this is what Scotland is famous for, but it’s also the people here, the delicious food and the heritage which they share.

Here are some must to visit places when you are in Scotland. Have a look..

Edinburgh: Edinburgh being the capital city of Scotland is a famous cultural center for more than 5000 years now. The city is full of amazing architecture, museums, and art galleries. Make sure you make the best of your trip when you are in Scotland. The nightlife in Edinburgh sparkles with a number of things and activities. From amazing theatre to cinemas to great music and dance, comedy and amazing food. The place is full of amazing activities. There is a limitless collection of restaurants and bars ranging in all budgets and the kind of taste you want. Edinburgh is considered a paradise for foodies.

Callanish Stones: The Callanish Stones are magnificent standing stones, which are well known around the world. No matter how many people come to visit this place and what the weather is like, these magnificent stones never fail to move you and leave you speechless. A must place to visit for photographers, especially during sunrise or sunset, when the stones start glowing in warm colors with nice and long shadows you can use for your composition.

Bow Fiddle Rock: Bow Fiddle Rock is a beautiful natural sea arch. It is near Portknockie, which is one of the north-eastern coasts of Scotland. They are composed of Quartzite, which is a part of the Cullen quartzite formation. The oldest buildings here are located around the harbor front and are built very closely to protect against the coastal weather. Bow Fiddle Rock is the perfect location for photographers because it offers such an amazing sight. Accommodation is also available for this place. You can rent a stay in the village and enjoy watching the birds or having walked with a nice view along the coast.


Scotland is a country which is very well connected by an extensive railway transport network and roads of course. With railway transport, there are a number of options available for you. The public transport offers buses and train services to all the towns and cities of Scotland. It also offers its services to a number of villages and ferry ports. These public transports are easily available to remote areas of the country as well. They will take you to the islands too. So, it’s actually very easy to roam around the island and get to know this amazing country.

In general, it's a good idea though to rent a car and be mobile, especially if you want to visit some of the places during sunrise or sunset. Another pro of having a car is the changing weather conditions, making it easier to protect your camera gear inside the car during a shower.

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