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Trump in the middle USA

Beautiful Chicago river leading into the Trump tower with the lighted buildings on the side.
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Travel information

To get to this location. Go east on Illinois street and then turn right (south) on lower lake shore drive. Its 1/4th block on the right. Remember there is no parking on lower lsd. Try finding parking on Illinois or Grand ave and then walk. Unless you take public transportation.
Thank you very much for your suggested change. We will check it as soon as possible and update this spot.

Nearly no other people

Blue hour/nighttime

06:34 18:53
41°53'18.2869" N 87°36'51.0882" W

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Spot comments (4)

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Abhay Bapat
Abhay Bapat 15.10.2015
I would like to credit Enis Mullaj for taking the original shot. I just tried to replicate it.
Enis Mullaj
Enis Mullaj 15.10.2015
Thank you for the credits! The shot looks pretty clear and sharp, but you shot too late in the night, that causes a black boring sky. Espacially I would change the white balance, what caused the heavy yellow light cast. Keep shooting!
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 16.10.2015
Yep, very good points by Enis. By the way Abhay: It would be nice if you could just add your photos to the existing spots. They will be suggested if you try to create them at a spot where one is already there. If the view and point you stood is the same as the one that already exists it's much better if we have just 1 spot for that so that we all can aggregate all tips and tricks for this one spot at once. Otherwise another photographer would have to read everything you wrote in your spot description and in the one of Enis and so on. By the way: Replicating the spots you saw here is not only a huge honor for the photographers, but also for Locationscout! So thank you very much! :)
Abhay Bapat
Abhay Bapat 16.10.2015
Good feedback guys. I am going to take this shot during the blue hour tomorrow.

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Thank you Abhay Bapat for creating this photo spot.

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