Here are 113 photo spots in Chicago for you.

Chicago at Lake Michigan is called the Windy City and has one of the most beautiful skylines in the USA or even in the world. The city offers a huge variety of all types of photography. There are many great spots for landscape photography at the shoreline of Lake Michigan with a great view towards the skyline of Chicago. But there are also many parks you can use for portrait photographs.

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Tips for your trip to Chicago

About the location

Chicago is one of the best cities for photographers in the United States for a good reason and you shouldn't miss the chance to get there. Many people think that they should prefer to visit New York first, but Chicago is in no way inferior to the Big Apple on the east coast of the USA.

Photography tips for Chicago

The things I like the most about Chicago are all these streets and the bridges over the Chicago River in the center of the city, which offer so many opportunities for different kinds of photography. Besides that, there are many skyscrapers with observation decks, allowing one to get a stunning perspective of the city.

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