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USA False Kiva

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The False Kiva is a human-made stone structure of unknown origin in a cave in a remote area Canyonlands National Park. While located in a naturally occurring alcove, the name False Kiva arises from the uncertainty about the circle of stones' origins and purpose, whether it is really an authentic kiva, a location used for religious purposes.
Before you go, check with park rangers to see if the trail to False Kiva is open. A couple of years ago, park officials closed the trail because some sick (insert expletive here) vandal built a fire in the kiva and used the ashes to leave handprints all over the alcove walls.

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Travel Information

To get to False Kiva you take the road to Upheaval Dome in Canyonlands National Park. Before you get to Upheaval Dome parking you will see a small pullout on the right hand side of the road. From that turn out you walk back about 50 yards or so on the opposite side of the road and you will find the trail. Initially, the path is clear leading to the canyon rim but becomes faded and somewhat difficult to follow. There are rock cairns periodically placed to help guide you but you must pay close attention as they’re not always obvious (and not always reliable) but you must generally make your way southwest as you get nearer to the canyon rim. Once you are at the edge of the cliff you will hike to the right horizontally along the canyon interior wall which is steep. You will walk past the alcove which you will see above you. Once past and below the alcove you will traverse upward towards the alcove to enter. It is very steep and extremely loose rocks upwards to the alcove so be very careful and make sure you have a good footing.
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Sunrise & Sunset 06:42 - 19:56 | current local time: 16:08
Photo Themes Canyons
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