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Trump In The Middle USA

Best view on Trump Tower in Chicago!
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Get 2 stops before navy pier of the bus and go right.
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Sunset & blue hour/nighttime

07:01 18:11
41°53'17.9879" N 87°36'51.3225" W

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Spot comments (4)

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Abhay Bapat
Abhay Bapat 14.10.2015
Enis, great photo. I am trying to replicate the beauty you have captured. Couple of questions. 1. Did you keep the camera on a tripod very close to the ground? Is that why. you have the water/ice at such a low level? 2. Also did you take the picture 5 ft behind the railing? Or you have a better wide angle that I do? Because my composition is eliminating the one on the right most part of the screen. 3. Alos you have the building lit up more than what I am seeing? What month of the year did you visit? Thanks again on a great job.
Enis Mullaj
Enis Mullaj 15.10.2015
My Camera was right by the fence. I also shifted the lense a little, so it wasnt straight towards the scence. I took this shot in early march!
Abhay Bapat
Abhay Bapat 15.10.2015
Thanks Enis. I have posted my shot on the site. Would love your feedback. Are you based out of Chicago?
Enis Mullaj
Enis Mullaj 16.10.2015
I replied to your picture. I am from Hamburg, Germany. But I will be moving to Chicago soon.

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