How to retouch a Mountain Picture in LR & PS

From Start to Finish How to retouch a Mountain Picture in LR & PS

Aliaume Chapelle 35:44 min
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In this video tutorial, the experienced full-time landscape photographer Aliaume Chapelle is showing his entire workflow in Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Photoshop on how to retouch a beautiful mountain picture and how to combine 2 images to create a result with a perfectly sharp mountain in the background while standing in the flow of the water with a shaking tripod.

Besides all the subtle improvements and the combination of multiple images, Aliaume is covering the warp technique in Photoshop within this tutorial to improve the overall look of the photo and get rid of content inside the frame that you don't like without having to use the stamp tool. Also covered is his way of Dodging & Burning the image, which you can learn more about in a separate video by Tim where he explains 3 different ways to Dodge & Burn a photo with all their pros and cons.

Aliaume Chapelle is an ambassador for Sony Belgium and well-known for his beautiful and moody photos around Belgium and France. After giving many photo workshops around the globe, he knows best about issues beginners have and what to focus on in his online lessons here on Locationscout. Therefore he is teaching his various techniques in an easy and replicable way.

This video is part of our "From Start to Finish"-series where photographers share their entire workflow without hiding the interesting parts and details that often matter the most to create a unique and special result.

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