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Vestrahorn Stokksnes Iceland

Stokksnes is a headland on the southeastern Icelandic coast, near Hofn and Hornafjördur.
Vestrahorn is one of Iceland´s most iconic mountains.
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10:44 15:02
64°14'52.8928" N 14°58'36.9846" W

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Spot comments (4)

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Imants Ozolins
Imants Ozolins 27.05.2016
According to the location you took the picture almost near the radar, is it allowed to go there? The spot where I was is not even close as good as yours. And about paying I don't think he would be there during sunset in June at around 23.00
Sebastien Degardin
Sebastien Degardin 26.04.2016
FYI: There is now an admission fee. It's about 6$ as of today. It's a hot topic if you search online. Some people pay, others won't pay arguing that there is an Icelandic law allowing free access to any non-cultivated land. I personally paid and went ahead taking my photos... if want to, be aware that the farmer can apparently be very annoying and will harass you.
Yoosaf Abdulla
Yoosaf Abdulla 09.12.2015
Majestic contrasts!!!
Gregory Lebreton
Gregory Lebreton 10.12.2015
Thx you much appreciated

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