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Haifoss Canyon Iceland

One of the greatest waterfalls I´ve ever seen. Located near the golden circle in the south of Iceland. The hike was quite an adventure. First, we had to cross a small river by car, then left the car behind because the road was closed and walked for nearly 2 hours to the top of the canyon and another 45 min down. But the final view is breath-taking. Definitely worth a visit.
The Osm map under this post shows the trail (red dots) down ito the canyon. But watch your step at some points it's very steep and slippery.
Thank you very much for your suggested change. We will check it as soon as possible and update this spot.

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We had to walk almost 2 hours and another 40 minutes down the canyon in May, but if you visit in the summer, the road should probably be open. But you definitely need a 4x4.
Thank you very much for your suggested change. We will check it as soon as possible and update this spot.

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64°12'22.924" N 19°41'14.3279" W

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Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 16.07.2018
Awesome that you walked down there. We didn't have the time to do that. You just walked from the spot up there along the canyon down there and at some point it was plain enough to get to the level of the river?
Philipp Blanz
Philipp Blanz 16.07.2018
Thanks, there is a trail down already. I met two other and they showed me the way down. but at some point it was snowy and slippery and the way up is kinda steep.
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 17.07.2018
Yeah I would guess so that the way down there is steep. It's around 180m in height difference I think. Could you please add a short description above the map? I am not sure what exactly this means ;-)
Philipp Blanz
Philipp Blanz 17.07.2018
sure, done. ;)

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