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Explore the best places for photography at Haifoss, Iceland

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Haifoss is the third highest waterfall in Iceland with a drop of over 122m and in my opinion definitely one of the most impressive waterfalls of the country.

The best about it is, that there are 2 waterfalls within one scene and even if you are not there for photography, the sound alone and the view down there are just breathtaking. Especially during a foggy day the waterfalls may not be visible, but you will hear this tremendous sound.

For photography, it's definitely recommended to have ND filters with you. This will give you the possibility to soften the water, which is a great contrast to the extremely sharp and edgy stones around Haifoss. There are quite a lot of different perspectives up there you may try. In enjoyed the one with the river floating towards the horizon the most, even if this means that I won't have both waterfalls within one frame.

There is a rest area up there with some tables, where you can enjoy a meal after you got up there. Just make sure, that you won't leave anything behind.

Travel tips for Haifoss

It's not possible to get there without a 4x4 car, which means that this place usually isn't that touristic. Take the road 32 (road 26 is still partly a gravel road which means that depending from where you are coming road 32 could still be faster) until you reach the gravel road 332, which is only accessible via 4x4. From this fork you need about 15 minutes to drive up to the Haifoss waterfall.
If you don't have a 4x4 you can leave your car at the tiny guest house, which is already on the gravel road, but until the fork Haifoss/Holaskogur you can still use any car and walk from there to the waterfall, which is a hike of around 2 hours.

If you get there please make sure that you take care of yourself and stay away from the cliffs. There is nothing that can save you if you fall down there for over 100 meters, so don't be silly and risk your life for a selfie (I am saying this for a good reason, seeing people standing as far as they can stand on the edge to get the best possible shot of them...).

Haifoss is located in Iceland, a country with 831 photo spots that you might want to have a look at as well to find even more beautiful places for your next trip.

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