Here are 12 photo spots at Seljalandsfoss for you.

Seljalandsfoss is one of the most popular waterfalls in the south of Iceland, because it's one of a few waterfalls that you can even walk behind. The Seljalands River drops around 60 m here.

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Tips for your trip to Seljalandsfoss

About the location

Because it's so popular, it's even more important for serious photographers, that you are at this place during the right time. A good one is for example the midnight sun during summer, because that's usually the time when all the casual tourists already left the spot and the busses finished work.

In general it's a good idea to have a lot of cleaning cloth with you, to remove any spray from your lens. You might also want to use a shower cap or something like that to protect your camera while you are not shooting, because the direction of the spray is changing constantly. If you want to photograph the whole waterfall from behind, you will need a wide angle lens to capture everything within one image.

Don't miss to visit the waterfall Gljúfrafoss inside a narrow canyon, which is just nearby and easy to reach by foot in around 5 minutes.


The waterfall is located between Hella and Vik just right beside Route 1 (the Ringroad). You are able to see Seljalandsfoss from the street and there is a pretty big parking place just nearby. Usually there are quite a lot of huge busses with masses of tourists during the day, so make sure that you will visit this amazing waterfall in Iceland at the right time.

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