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Kvernufoss, the hidden waterfall near Skogafoss Iceland

Kvernufoss is a hidden waterfall near the famous Skogafoss. You can walk behind this waterfall just like at the Seljalandsfoss.
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Travel information

Theres a museum near this spot where you can park the car. You just need like 20 minutes to walk to this spot.
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Just a few people

Daytime during summer

09:31 16:32
63°31'42.5879" N 19°28'50.1012" W

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Spot comments (7)

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Peer Linder
Peer Linder 10.10.2016
It's called "Kvernufoss"
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 08.08.2017
Great info, I will add that to the description. Thank you Peer!
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 09.08.2017
Thank you for adding even more great details and behind the scenes photos, this helps a lot and is highly appreciated!
Marc Sharp
Marc Sharp 15.06.2016
Nice find! :) Do you have more photos of this one?
the-phlogdotcom 15.06.2016
Thanks, I think I have a few more, but right now I dont know where :O
Josh Owen
Josh Owen 14.01.2016
You always see photos of Seljalandfoss but never of this one. Great photo and thanks for sharing your hidden spot.
the-phlogdotcom 15.06.2016
Thank you!

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Thank you the-phlogdotcom for creating this photo spot and Robert Bonsels, Peer Linder, Fabio Milanesi, Fabio Clock, Manuel Becker for improving it with additional photos or content.

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