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Alpe di Siusi Italy

Alpe di Siusi is one of the hightest alpine pasture in Europe. This is probably the best spot in the Dolomites for an amazing picture.
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Photography tips

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Travel information

You can get to Compatsch by car BEFORE 9 a.m and AFTER 5 p.m. You can drive back down whenever you want. You can park right next to the Hotel Seiser Alm Urthaler at the entrance of the village (see the map). The parking fee is around 18 euros. You can park for free early in the morning and at the end of the afternoon (depends of the season)

You are NOT allowed to drive further since it is a protected nature area. Please follow the law and respect the nature (otherwise you risk a fine of 112 euros)

You are ONLY allowed to use the roads to this spot when you have a booking conformation of one of the accommodation located on the hill. There is a bus stop in Compatsch but the bus drives from 9.00 am and at this time there were a crowd of nearly a thousand people waiting. Not exactly a chill spot. For sunrise or sunset definitely make sure to use the parking area at Compatsch and walk up there. It's around 45-60 minutes depending on your walking speed, so make sure to come early enough.

During the summer months, you also have the option to take the cable car from Ortisei to Mont Seuc which is very close to the spot. You have to keep in my the cable car only goes during the day so it is not a good solution for sunrise and sunset.

If you want to stay in an hotel, the closest to the classic viewpoint is Adler Lodge.
Thank you very much for your suggested change. We will check it as soon as possible and update this spot.

Just a few people


07:45 16:26
46°33'9.2422" N 11°39'22.918" E

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Spot comments (23)

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Valerii Petrov
Valerii Petrov 23.09.2019
Great spot. But I wanted to ask about the map. The author indicated a parking on the map. The question is: how can I get the coordinates of the parking?
Ariel Erlich
Ariel Erlich 09.09.2019 , edited
Dear Aliaume and all Just went there last Saturday evening and Sunday morning and the place is a real wonderland! all your instructions are correct and very helpful. I will upload pictures later after developing on LR. Thank you so much!
Aliaume Chapelle
Aliaume Chapelle 09.09.2019
You're welcome Ariel. Hope you enjoyed the place
wco eightyone
wco eightyone 08.07.2019
Thanks again. Hadn’t thought about sunrise or sunset. May have to try driving up from Santa Cristina when I visit in Sept.
Aliaume Chapelle
Aliaume Chapelle 07.07.2019
I have updated the spot with new informations.
wco eightyone
wco eightyone 07.07.2019
Thanks! You didn’t try taking the cable car up from Ortisei? There also appears to be a chairlift that will take you near the Adler Lodge and Sporthotel Sonne which seem to be near this point.
Aliaume Chapelle
Aliaume Chapelle 08.07.2019
The problem of the cable car is that it is seasonal and only open late in the morning and close early in the evening so not good for sunrise and sunset. But it is definitely a good solution during the day. I will add it.
wco eightyone
wco eightyone 15.06.2019
What focal length? Can you post some of the EXIF data? Also, you really had to pay a 112 Euros fine?
Aliaume Chapelle
Aliaume Chapelle 07.07.2019
Best to bring a 24-70
irena bailey
irena bailey 12.03.2019
Which hotel is closest to this vantage point?
Carrie Tai
Carrie Tai 22.09.2018
Can I drive up to this location if I'm staying in a Hotel at Compatsch? Would I be fined? Thanks
Hoin Kang
Hoin Kang 20.09.2018
thanks !!!! It had remember me visit there.
Martin Sistek
Martin Sistek 06.09.2018
Absolutely awesome spot!
Will Fang
Will Fang 25.08.2018
Hi there - Is this spot accessible in the winter? Especially if I want to get there early for sunrise? Many thanks!
jun tan
jun tan 30.04.2018
Did you all have to park by the roadside?
Jay Moroso
Jay Moroso 20.03.2018
I'm heading there in late July. Was this shot taken during sunrise or sunset? From your comments, I get the impression it was taken during sunrise, but if I am reading the map correctly, the sun was to the west and your camera was pointed east. So, that would be a sunset pic.
Georgi Petrov
Georgi Petrov 15.02.2018
Amazing spot! Can you tell me what is the best month of the year to visit, so that the grass is green? Is beginning of May OK? Or it should be June/ July?
Serala Zhang
Serala Zhang 31.10.2017
I went there about 2 weeks ago and it was amazing. as I have a young kid I didnt manage to stay until sunset. what a pity! but again, thanks for sharing this wonderful location.
Liubomir Paut-Fluerasu
Liubomir Paut-Fluerasu 29.08.2017
I am planning to go here in 2 weeks time, could you please mention if there is any issue with parking in the early mornings or if I have to pay for it?
Aliaume Chapelle
Aliaume Chapelle 29.08.2017
I had no problem to park. It's free but there isn't a lot of parking spots. You might need to park next to the road.
Liubomir Paut-Fluerasu
Liubomir Paut-Fluerasu 29.08.2017
Great, thanks for the reply!
Damon McDonald
Damon McDonald 07.07.2019
I am here for three days (July 2019) The only vehicle traffic allowed in the area is to and from your hotel and Compaccio. The nearest hotels to this spot are Adler Lodge and Sport Hotel, both within a couple of minutes walk. My hotel is on the hill in Compaccio and they will not allow me to drive to the photo spots at ANY time of day. I have walked it numerous times now and it is 40 - 60 min one way. Even cars that have the permit displayed in the window are not allowed to park on the roadside.
Aliaume Chapelle
Aliaume Chapelle 07.07.2019 , edited
Yes you right Damon. They changed the rules since 2017. It is updated in the travel information

Ratings (6)

Thank you Aliaume Chapelle for creating this photo spot and Pascal Zerressen, Serala Zhang, Thomas Mader, Omer Salom, Kristian Ashton, Pedro Almeida, Andreas Peters, Philipp Blanz, Manuel Becker for improving it with additional photos or content.

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